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1972 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS (3)
Monday, 22nd December, 2014
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We make every attempt to both keep any personal data you supply as safe and secure as possible, and to ensure that your email address does not appear on the website (unless you want it to). We also have security measures to prevent unauthorized access to the information you do provide. We do not supply your personal details to any marketing organizations under any circumstances whatsoever.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and your right to privacy. We aim to provide a safe, secure user experience and we will use our best efforts to ensure that the information you submit to us remains private, and is used only for the purposes described on our site. For further information please click here to view our complete Privacy Policy.

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You Can’t Cheat An Honest Man: “Find someone who wants something for nothing, then give him nothing for something.” - If something is too good to be true, it probably is!

Some scammers succeed in posting their listings online – we recommend you review the following about potential Internet fraud.

Buying Advice

• Always be sure to talk directly on the phone to the seller before progressing with any transaction. Ideally you should get them to offer you some form of proof that the vehicle being offered is legitimate. Getting the seller to fax you a copy of the title is a good start.

• Ask the seller lots of questions for more detailed information – if they are genuine and have nothing to hide they will talk freely about the vehicle.

• Ask for more photographs, especially close-ups of identifying plaques such as the VIN and serial numbers.

• If the seller is expressing a sense of urgency or for a deposit to be sent immediately, ask yourself why?

• Be alert if the seller and the vehicle are not in the same area, or they say that they know little about the car as they are selling it for a friend.

• Avoid any seller that doesn't give you their exact address and telephone number after you tell them that you have a friend in the area who can call round to view the vehicle for you.

• Avoid either the seller stating that they will "ship the vehicle and that you can send it back if you don’t like it” or “you can see the car after you send a fully refundable deposit”.

• Older vehicles can suffer from serious problems. Educate yourself and do some research on your intended purchase – you might be buying someone else’s problem!

• Avoid using payment services offered by the seller.

• If you make payment by an instant transfer service (Moneygram, Western Union etc) then you will have absolutely no come back once the seller claims the funds. Use alternative payment methods such as a respected escrow service, VISA, Mastercard or Paypal.

• If it all seems a little to bit too good to be true - see quote above..

Selling Advice

• Avoid any buyer who pays more than the asking price by mistake (for whatever reason) and then requests you to refund the difference. It’s highly likely that their check is a fraudulent one and you are then left out of pocket to the value of the difference.

• If the buyer has paid by any form of check give the bank PLENTY of time for the check to clear. It’s always a good idea to contact the issuing bank directly to verify the checks authenticity.

• If the buyer is expressing a sense of urgency to close the deal quickly, ask yourself why?

• Don’t except anyone acting behalf of a third party – always insist on dealing with the buyer directly.

• Legitimate buyers would be like you - first they would want to know all about the car and then would concern themselves with the payment details. Be cautious of anyone who is not.

• It sounds obvious but do not give out your bank details to a prospective buyer.

• Fraud can happen as easily on the home front as it can overseas. As always check and verify all banking / payment details before you continue with the sale.

• Do not ship or release interest in your vehicle until you are sure that all funds have been cleared by your bank.

• Avoid any buyer who wishes to have the vehicle delivered somewhere other than the buyers location. Ex. “to a client” of theirs.

Whenever buying or selling a vehicle online always use your own best judgment.

Examples of Scams

The most common of scams originates from Nigeria (but not exclusively), commonly known as the “419”. With the increasing popularity of the Internet it has gained new prominence by scamming people with its various routines. It is possible that you might receive such contact and therefore we would suggest you familiarize yourself with it. This link describes the 419 scam in detail and goes on to list a few examples. 419 SCAM

If you believe you have been the victim of such contact, the following link is for The 419 Coalition Website. The site details what you should do next and who to report it to within your country.

Another relatively new scam that is growing on the Internet is the car shipping scam. It has been targeting sellers of cars, boats, motorbikes and other single high value items, even horses! You can read about it here: Car Shipping Scam

We would also like to make you aware of the following;

If you receive a call claiming that has verified a buyer or seller - we do not verify or certify any buyer or seller.
If you receive a call from us Requesting Credit Card information - will never call you to ask for your credit card number.

Report It: If you feel you have been a victim of a scam or would like to report a potential fraudulent classified listing or email contact the following resources:

Internet Crime Complaint Center
Federal Trade Commission

Other Useful Internet Fraud Sites:

National Fraud Information Center is an ideal place to market your vehicle to a global audience of millions - we concentrate our efforts on becoming the premier online vehicle listing service that connects vehicle buyers with sellers. We are not dealers; any listing information about a particular vehicle comes directly from the seller and not us. Any inquiries should be made directly to the seller, Classic Cars Global Ltd is not responsible for, and does not guarantee any vehicles listed on our site.

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